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Founded by Emily Roth, Producit Inc. is a full service print production company in the business of photography production since 1994.

We strive to provide a seamless experience for all involved, from the bidding process to submission of the final invoice.

We understand that no two shoots are alike. Our sets are run efficiently by establishing open lines of communication at the start of every job.

We pride ourselves in using our experience and insight to assemble the best team for each shoot.

Our experience working with advertising agencies, corporate clients, and entertainment companies provides us with a high-level of insight into our clients' varied needs.

The diversity in the types of shoots we produce also allows us access to some of the best creative talent in the industry. We work with name brand photographers and stylists as well as newcomers.


Our relationships with these artists, along with our experience in the beauty, music, and entertainment industries has led to the creative consulting arm of our business.

Our services include art buying, creative direction, and brand consulting.

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